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Work Experience in the Murrell Lab

We often host visits of school students and undergraduates in our laboratory for work experience and laboratory training as part of our “Outreach” endeavours. This enables us to convey a number of aspects of our UK Research Council, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and industrially-funded research to a wider audience and to enthuse budding young scientists with exciting projects. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to explore possibilities of visits/work experience.

Designing with bacteria

Diversity of bacteria from environmental samples


Environmental Sciences Summer School at UEA 

Planet Earth: Year 12 Environmental Science Summer School
20 – 22 July 2014

We recently hosted around 40 school students from all around the UK who were taking part in the 2014 UEA, School of Environmental Sciences, Planet Earth Summer School. The whole lab was involved in showing the students how we study microbes using cultivation-dependent and cultivation-independent techniques. They also had the opportunity to learn about our research and see major research facilities including our Stable Isotope Probing and gas chromatography facilities and the Wolfson Fermentation Suite. The students also had the opportunity to examine microbes under the microscope and get involved in some “hands-on” microbiology.


Outside the Lab

Colin Murrell, together with other members of the International Society for Microbial Ecology International Board, engaged in microbial outreach activities with pupils at the Moipone Science Academy, Tembisa township, Gauteng, South Africa in April 2018. The Moipone Science Academy MA is a local science centre based near Johannesburg which is advocating for science and technology awareness in the community.