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Senior Research Associate

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During my degree, my interest in Microbiology drove me to study for an MSc in Microbiology at the same University. After some years in the industry, I did my PhD on the characterisation of novel Antartic bacteria that produce exopolymeric substances and volatile organic sulphurous compounds (VOSCs) under the supervision of Dr Elena Mercade at the University of Barcelona. During my PhD, I collaborated with Dr Jonathan Todd’s group in the identification of a novel gene, which is especially abundant in soil environments, in a pathway producing dimethyl sulphide (DMS) from methanethiol (MeSH). DMS is an environmentally important sulphur-containing gas due to its role in the global sulphur cycle, for being a potent chemoattractant for higher organisms and its potential effects on climate regulation. My early post-doctoral research in the groups of Dr Jonathan Todd and Professor Colin Murrell focused on investigating the role and contribution of the MeSH-dependent DMS pathway to global DMS emissions. In my new project in Professor Colin Murrell’s group, my research will focus on another climate-active gas, isoprene. In particular, I will study the metabolism and ecological importance of bacterial isoprene degradation.



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